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Four Reasons Why You Should Book Your Accommodation in Chania Crete

Ever wondered whether you’ll ever get that exceptional vacation? It’s summer again and you’re probably thinking warm sandy beaches, cool breeze and some R and R. Why not head out to Crete, Chania and get the vacation that you deserve? Here are four reasons why you should reserve your accommodation in Chania Crete now for this year’s vacation!  

You might be considering countless vacation spots like Hawaii, Barbados or the Carribean. Most tourists would agree that Greece has some of the best beaches, best food and yes, best vacation spots.

Accommodation in Chania, Crete with Corinna Star Suites & studios

Spectacular views
Chania is probably one of the most romantic cities you’ll ever visit in Greece. This city is bustling with vivacious people, activities and exotic sceneries that are simply breath-taking! You won’t regret the wonderful scenery offered in some of this city’s resorts and apartments.
Explore Chania’s most visited spots like the traditionally sculptured Cathedral of Panagia Trimartyri, archeological museum, experience fun street magic along Zambeliou Street or check the panoramic view from the Venizelos Tombs in Akrotiri!
Accommodation in Chania, Crete with Corinna Star

Experience exciting tourist activities
And you think Hawaii has it all? Chania has it better! This city is sure to entertain you with its traditional fairs, festivals, religious commemorations and water activities. When you book your accommodation in Chania Crete, you will surely experience a one-of-a-kind vacation from water sports to a relaxing evening over the Venetian harbour with some cool drinks, lively music and warm Chania hospitality.

Delicious delicacies
If you book your reservations in the central district, you’ll surely get a taste of Crete’s finest delicacies. Chania’s Venetian Harbour houses some of the best shopping streets and waterfront restaurants. Chania boasts of its fine cheeses and yoghurts that got tourists wanting for more.

Great beaches and weather all year round
Chania is surrounded by wonderful beaches fit for snorkelling, swimming, scuba diving or just some strolling after a tour in the city. You’ll likely find plenty of great accommodation in Chania Crete from affordable to luxurious rooms and apartments. Check out the famous Elafonissi located along the west coast, some snorkelling over Sfinari beach and enjoy the sunset over Falassarna!

You’ll surely enjoy your stay in Chania from April to October with its warm weather and various summer activities, so be sure to make your reservations early. If you’re on a tight budget, you might want to avail of package deals. These cover the flight and hotel reservations -- and probably some added perks for your travel convenience. Experience the better side of Greece with Chania’s finest beaches, food and yes, fun-filled activities for people of all ages!

Online reservations provide numerous accommodation in Chania Crete at relatively affordable prices. Be sure to check out Corinna Star (http://www.corinnastar.gr/) and get more out of your budget! So pack your clothes, clear your schedule and get some real adventure this time around!  

Thinking of Staying in Greece for the Holidays? Here are Three Locations to Look for Apartments Chania Crete

Most people would agree that Greece is a fantastic vacation spot for the holidays. Not only that, Greece is also home to some of the best beaches the world has ever known -- most of which are found in Chania. Want to know where to book the best apartments Chania Crete reservations? Read on.

This is an infamous village in Chania that’s usually frequented by tourists all year round. Just 10 kilometres off main Chania, this is one of the busiest seafront village. Tourists will surely enjoy sight-seeing over Pano Platanias with its picturesque streets, traditional structures, lush gardens and a breathtaking view from the top of the hill. On the other hand, the more modern Kato Platanias offers numerous shops, restaurants and bars nearby.
You’ll find this long line of sandy shore more organized and lively. There are nearby apartments Chania Crete accommodations, transport vehicles, sport establishments, shops, beach bars and restaurants so you don’t have to worry where to make the most of your stay for your holiday vacation!

Located in the southernmost part from the Prefecture of Chania is Paleochora. Halika, the Eastern beach, is usually a favorite tourist destination noted for its white sandy shores and excellent winds fit for windsurfing. If you’re into active water sports such as scuba diving and windsurfing, you might want to find apartments Chania Crete rooms nearby. Just off the west part is the Pahia Ammos, a contrast to Halika’s white sandy shores. This pebble beach is one of the unspoilt gems in Greece and was awarded with a Blue Flag.
After the day is over, it’s time to head out to the western waterfront and enjoy the nightlife with some cool drinks and local Cretan snacks! Want to go bar hopping? Check out Dionysos Tavera, Oriental Bay, Calypso and Grammeno Taverna! You might just get lucky and experience the most exciting Paleochora music festival celebrated every August 1 to 10!

This is a busy small town found 42 kilometres west of Chania. Kastelli Kissamou’s rich past and vibrant city life composes this town’s unique character. You’ll likely encounter a long stretch of seafront made of rocky strands heading east and a small beach in the west. Tour the central Kastelliou square and Skalidi for some great Cretan dishes and explore magnificent architectural structures.

Don’t just limit yourself with these vacation spots. Unleash the adventurer in you and take time to visit Chania’s unspoilt wonders such as the Samaria Gorge, White Mountains and Falassarna beach for the holidays! Set your schedules as early as now and make sure you choose the best apartments Chania Crete accommodations for the holidays. For more information on where to get the best deals for your stay, visit http://www.corinnastar.gr/.

Are you taking a Group Vacation in Greece? Three Things to Consider in Finding the Best Chania Accommodation

Traveling with friends is an exciting way to take off the usual grind of daily life in the office. If you’re thinking of enjoy sight-seeing, food-tripping, nature explorations and beach activities with your friends, then Greece is the place for you! Greece is also home to beautiful beaches -- which are usually found in Chania. But where do you get started with this trip? Here are tips to make the most of your Chania accommodation.

Planning your vacation ahead of time should help you create your budget plans. In this case, flexibility is also needed to keep your vacation running as smoothly as possible. So here are key things to consider to in making group reservations with your friends in Chania.
Corinna Star
 Luxury Accommodation in Chania, Crete

a.)    Planning
Planning is a primary factor to any successful trip. You need to understand that your preference might not be the preference of all. In this case, plan with your friends on the budget and room accommodations beforehand.  Be flexible and leave room for compromise. 

b.)    Make a financial agreement
Financial agreements should be done prior your vacation -- not during the vacation. This is a common mistake most travelers make and end up short budgeted during the trip.
Make budget considerations on gas, car rentals (if applicable), airline tickets, Chania accommodation expenses and rooms specifications. Also consider additional costs such as food, shopping and other expenses you might encounter during the trip. Save yourself the time to be bummed over maxed credit cards!
Also make sure that you book your reservations early so you can split the expenses beforehand.

c.)     Find reliable rooms for your stay
Now that you’re set with the budget, consider now the kind of room you should stay in. There are various accommodations available in Chania. For example, if there are five of you and wanted to save on accommodation fees, an apartment would be a great choice.
Also check for available amenities inside the room. There are room providers that post rates, services, rooms and amenities in their online site. It’s best to check these things first before you make your Chania accommodation reservations.

Now that you’re set, it’s time to find the right room for your stay. Reliable room providers like Corinna Star deliver the best services and room accommodations in Chania. Each room is fully equipped with basic amenities like satellite T.V, air-conditioning and refrigerator for your convenience.

Make sure that you make your reservations before April to make the most of your Chania accommodation. Your vacation can’t get any better with Cretan festivities like Easter in April, Feast of Flowers in May and Feast of Klidona in June to name a few! Get around the city and be sure to venture its natural gorges and take a dip in Chania’s finest beaches. To know more on where to book quality rooms in Chania, visit  http://www.corinnastar.gr/.  

Chania Studios: What Makes this Better than Other Accommodations for Your Stay

Greece is a marvellous city that has something for everyone. Whether you’re out for a group vacation with colleagues, friends or with family, you’ll definitely not regret taking this route for a little R and R. This country is also home to some of the best resorts and natural wonders -- which are mostly found in Chania, Crete. You might also be weighing your options as to what type of room to reserve. Here are reasons why booking Chania studios is preferable.

Chania is a wonderful place to stay in when traveling to Greece for that much awaited vacation. This city is filled with amazing architectural structures that speak volumes about Chania’s culture and traditions. You can also take a detour and get away from the busy city life and explore Chania’s beautiful Gorges and other natural landmarks!
Corinna  Chania Studios - Outside

Finding chania studios is not as hard as you think. There are countless ways to find it online and through referrals from family members or friends who’ve been to Chania. With so many options, you might be wondering: Why should I be settling for a studio? Here are the reasons.

Suited for small numbers of people
Most studios are usually catered to small numbers of people staying in one room. Renting a studio would be great for small families or groups who wanted to save. This way you’ll get to save on the accommodation expenses, especially if you’re travelling with friends.

Better amenities in one room
Most Chania studios might have better amenities than your standard room. Most of these rooms come with kitchen, individual or single bathrooms, Wi-Fi internet, air-conditioning and satellite T.V to name a few.

Better views
Studios are more likely to be situated higher than standard rooms. You get to enjoy the panoramic view overlooking Chania’s beach resorts and other natural sceneries. Want to be more romantic? The spectacular view of Chania below makes a beautiful backdrop while dinning with your better half!

Corinna Starr offers some of the best studios that combine traditional and modern room designs. They offer quality services, spacious accommodations and friendly hotel staffs to make your stay more comfortable. Not only that, each studio is equipped with necessities you’ll need during your stay such. You can also choose your pick of view: garden view, sea view and sea-front view.  So if you’re still on the lookout for a quality and affordable studio for your stay, then Corinna Starr delivers just that!

Chania studios might be more preferable than your standard rooms since it usually comes with better amenities. Furthermore, studios might also be more preferable if you’re traveling with your buddy, better half or spouse. Not convinced? Check out the studios available at http://www.corinnastar.gr/  and make the most of your stay in Chania! 

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Apartments Chania Greece - What to Look for During Your Next Family Vacation


Greece is a great place to take a vacation with your kids and spouse. With its beautiful resorts, rich culture and lively people, Greece will surely make your vacation worthwhile! Chania is one of Greece’s most prized possessions with its beach shores swarmed by tourists all year round. Here are some of best apartments Chania guidelines to help your stay a more comfortable one!

Chania is the second largest city located in Crete. The climate is usually dry during summer and mild rainy for winters, a perfect combination for tourists seeking warm weather with lots of sun! In Chania, peak season occurs around April to October. If you want to take advantage of clear blue skies, exceptional scenic views and water activities during your stay, then get your pen and paper and start jotting down these guidelines.

Apartments Chania near the beach or main district would make an ideal location. Asides from flocking tourists, nearby beach resorts and local attractions, staying in an apartment near these places will be convenient to everyone. However, in finding the right apartment, you should have a clear understanding of what you need for your vacation. Check out amenities and nearby establishments that work for your advantage.
Amazing Chania Apartments with Corinna Star

One way to make sure you’re paying your money’s worth is to check for apartments with online sites. Pictures from these sites will help you visualize the amenities, accommodations and views from the apartment you’re going to stay in. It might be best to avoid online reservations for those with little to no pictures or descriptions.

When looking for quality apartments Chania accommodations, it’s best to check for online reviews or referrals. This will give you a solid idea of what to expect from these accommodations, privileges, perks and services.  There are also some companies offering online representatives for queries.

Finally, you should check for the eligibility of these apartment accommodations. Some of these companies may be ‘faking’ the pictures and online reviews, so it’s best to do some investigation. You can ask friends, family members or online reviews from those who took the vacation in Chania for reference. You don’t want to end up disappointed during your stay just because of ‘unseen’ circumstances.
After you’ve finally settled with your reservations, it’s time to surf the Internet and check out local tourist attractions. Chania has some of the best resorts in Greece, so be sure to bring some sunscreen and swimming equipments. Your family will surely enjoy swimming in Balos Lagoon, food-tripping over Venetian Harbor, and fun rides over Limnoupolis Water Park!

You can also browse through the Internet and check tourist reviews for quality apartments Chania. This reduces the stress of finding a reliable apartment that caters to your every need. Better yet, check http://www.corinnastar.gr/ to get the apartments hassle-free!

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Chania Apartments - Four Beach Resorts that Cater to Your Travel Comfort during Your Stay

Travelers are always looking for the ‘next best thing’. So you’ve traveled to all these fantastic countries where the night life is lively -- and the people living in it are even livelier! So you think you’ve experienced the best beach destinations? You haven’t tried Chania, Greece yet! To make your stay more convenient, here are top four beach resorts where Chania apartments add more value to your vacation.

Noted as the second largest city in Crete, Chania is also home to some of the best beaches in Greece. Here are top beach resorts where you can book Chania apartments for that unique getaway!

Elafonissi is a great beach resort that’s usually crowded by tourists. Well-known for its pink sandy shores and shallow waters, Elafonissi is just located in west part of Crete. Expect this place to be packed with tourists, especially during summer season. With warm weather and shallow waters, this is surely one of Chania’s finest destinations for water activities and swimming. Be sure to book your reservations near Elafonissi and enjoy the beautiful sunset!

Located in the north part of Chania is Falassarna, it’s also another favorite for tourists wanting to unwind and hit the beach for some sun -- and fun! Voted as the Best beach in Greece, it would be a great idea to book Chania apartments near this resort.

Balos Lagoon
Noted for its white-pinkish sand and shallow waters, the Balos Lagoon is another Chania prized possession. This resort is usually filled with travelers up for some snorkeling and swimming. This resort would also make a great camping ground for those who want to take their vacation closer to nature.
Located just 11 kilometers off west Chania, Platanias is another beach resort worthy of your visit. Expect crowded beach shores and sunny hospitality to welcome you! Get the chance to mingle with locals and tourists as you chill under the warm sun with some cold drinks from nearby bars, tavernas and try out Chania’s finest delicacies from nearby restaurants! Available Chania apartments nearby will help you make the most of the establishments from this resort.

Aside from this city’s breath-taking resorts, tourists will also enjoy the following local attractions:
Venetian Harbor
The Venetian Harbor is noted for its line-up of tavernas and restaurant. Chill out and take a delectable journey with Chania’s finest food from their local restaurants. Serving fresh local fish and other Chania favorites, this is a one-stop place where dining meets comfort.

Anciet Aptera
Take a historical diversion from the busy city life and take the family out to explore Chania’s culture from the past and present.

Archeological Museum
Do more exploration in Chania’s Archeological museum and browse through its traditional arts like pottery and jewellery. Check out the uniquely patterned mosaic floors, Neolithic and Minoan art.
Finding Chania apartments should make your stay more convenient and comfortable, especially if you’re traveling with family or friends. You’re sure to enjoy Chania’s breathtaking beaches and warm weather -- and make the most of this perfect getaway unlike any other! Get some R and R and make your reservations for your apartment needs at http://www.corinnastar.gr/